Mascot Creation

Contractor's Friend

Project Overview

Contractor’s Friend is new direct-to-consumer product that helps solve challenges associated with ladder and equipment storage for blue collar industries such as roofing, painting and general contracting. When we were approached to develop artwork for this brand we wanted to create something that fully embraced the established company name. What better way to represent “Contractor’s Friend” then by creating THE contractor’s friend.

Services Provided

Logo Design
Print Design

Logo Design

The mascot we created is a call back to vintage logos and mascots of the 1950’s and 1960’s. We felt this unique interpretation helped to give the artwork a timeless, classic look. To encapsulate the “friend” in Contractor’s Friend our character was designed to look ready to help with any project and do it with a smile. At the ready with a ladder and hammer, he’s ready to jump into action with his confident stride.

Work In Progress

Contractor’s Friend will be coming to market Q2 2023. We’re excited to see the public’s reaction to this innovative product and to continue helping the client to achieve their marketing objectives.