Branding for Terence Crawford

Terence Crawford

Project Overview

Create apparel that caters to both the mid and high end, works for both athletic and streetware, work for more than just the sport of boxing, and incorporates interesting on-trend design.

Services Provided

Logo Design
Print Design

Logo Design

When designing the logo for the him, we knew it had to be authentic and tell his story. His logo needed to represent the four things he made clear that were important to his career: overcoming adversity, family, love for the sport, and not forgetting where he came from. As we got to know him during our workshops, we realized that he embodied the spirit of the “American Dream” – someone who works hard to achieve success and represents their country on a global stage. We wanted to create a logo that would capture all of this. Inspired by the American flag, we designed a unique flag with his initials “T, B, C” intertwined, reflecting his identity and what he stands for.