New Development in a Historic Neighborhood

Dahlman Rows

Project Overview

Dahlman Rows, one of The Clark Enersen Partners newest projects is a townhouse development located in Omaha’s historic Little Bohemia district. When we were approached to develop artwork we knew we wanted to bring in some of the location’s fun and historic charm. We did this by incorporating secondary art assets that call back to the greenery in the area as well as our own take on the ornate leaf patterns the area is known for.

Services Provided

Logo Design
Print Design

Logo Design

At the client’s request to focus on the community aspect as well as the row houses unique layout reminiscent of a single family home we developed a mark that hit both these points. The line work of the logo’s intersecting pants give the feeling of a connected community while also making the the single residence the main focus.

Secondary Assets

We expanded the brand with plant based elements that are common in the Little Bohemia area. We developed both classic sketch based illustrations as well as a standalone leaf symbol. Both of the botanical assets are used to compliment the logo and expand on the brand story.