Rebranding an Omaha Non-Profit


Project Overview

Duet, previously ENCOR is a non profit dedicated to providing support to people with physical and mental disabilities. Duet has been providing services in the Omaha area for over 50 years. As they approached their anniversary they wanted to update their name and branding to better reflect their values. This in-depth rebrand helped solidify Duet as the leader in their space and set them up for future success.

Services Provided

Logo Design
Print Design
Web Development


When created a new name for ENCOR we knew we wanting to signify the partnership they develop with those they support. To do this we created a mind map of different values and attributes that were related to their organization. From here we created an acronym that worked on multiple levels in. The values we chose to develop the new name were develop, unite, empower, and together. These words come together to form the word Duet.

Logo Design

We created a mark that is a combination of a speech bubble (helping to give those they support a voice) the letter D as well as having the combination shape be italicized to represent the keeping the community in motion. The brand was further fleshed out with artwork depicting shapes in pairs to represent this partnership.

Secondary Assets

We developed secondary assets that further represented their brand story of partnership by design inspired by 60s era geometric design.

Website Design

The website created shares the same design
philosophy as the rest of the brand. Our brand
elements and photography are integrated
throughout to establish Duet’s brand story. Our
photography is meant to showcase those we
support in a realistic, beautiful every day


We developed photography highlighting Duet’s partnership with those they support. Humanist photography can cover a multitude of subjects and issues but it is imperative that it covers the right subjects and stories. The right stories can be many things, but they must also be told in a way that is both timeless and immediate.